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Tips for swimming pools with foil

Follow the simple rules and preserve your foil for many years.


Our offer includes AlkorPlan - the world-famous brand of the company Renolit for PVC membranes, which are the best solutions for waterproofing in high-rise and low-rise construction, and also as a final coating for swimming pools, which is the most common choice of Investors who recognize quality and durability, because the films come with a guarantee waterproof for 10 years, and XTREME for even 15 years.

The Renolit company has more than 60 years of experience in the waterproofing sector with more than 300 million m² of AlkorPlan membranes installed, making it the most important European producer of PVC membranes.

AlkorPlan 2000 swimming pool membranes are present in both private and public swimming pools for sports competitions, hotel swimming pools and aqua parks.

The offer of AlkorPlan PVC membranes for swimming pools consists of the following product groups:


Renolit Touch

Renolit XTREME

Pool visualization with various types of Alkorplan foils:


RENOLIT has a special protective coating that protects against the accumulation of dirt and impurities, but it is still necessary to clean the pool if it is not well maintained and is used frequently - do this exclusively with specialized film cleaning agents (available from us) and a soft sponge.


Never use aggressive chemicals (solvents, alkalis, etc.) or other cleaning agents.


Never use abrasive sponges and brushes with hard fibers, which could damage the foil surface!


The chemical product must not come into direct contact with the film!

The correct and safest way to introduce any chemical product into the pool is using a skimmer with the circulation pump on. If it is necessary to put powder, granules or liquid directly in the pool, they must be diluted in a bucket of water and poured into different areas of the pool. The circulation pump must always be in use to prevent the concentration of chemicals in one area.


Avoid floating dispensers as they can stay too long in one area of the pool and bleach the foil.


Do not fill the pool with water from unreliable sources as it may contain rare metals such as iron, copper or magnesium, which can react with the chemical and cause stains. Do not use products that contain the above. If you have accidentally used a product that contains copper or is present in water, RENOLIT ALKORPLUS Antistain should be applied.


Check the pool's chlorine and pH levels daily (if you don't have an automatic dispenser). If you disinfect your pool with chlorine or a salt electrolysis machine, the chlorine level should be 1 ppm and the pH between 7.0 and 7.6.

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